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Master Sgt. Lindsey Brent


MSgt Lindsey Brent has been a member of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard since 2005, when she enlisted in the 171st Air Refueling Wing during her senior year of High School. As a Pittsburgh native, the opportunity to serve part-time while remaining close to home, was a no-brainer. MSgt Brent served 6 years as a Production Recruiter with the 171st before branching out into corporate Human Resources across several industries in the Pittsburgh area. In 2020, MSgt Brent returned to the 171st Recruiting Team as the Flight Chief and Designated Officer Recruiter. MSgt Brent has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Mountain State University and is currently pursuing a Masters from LaRoche University.
MSgt Brent currently serves as the Team’s Designated Officer Recruiter and assists with Palace Chase/Palace Front transitions from Active Air Force. To speak to MSgt Brent to learn more about the Air National Guard, contact the Recruiting Office at 1-877-249-5193 or lindsey.brent@us.af.mil.