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171st Volunteers to Assist National Guard Bureau With Regulation Validation

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jodi Snyder
  • 171ARW

Two Airmen from the 171st Air Refueling Wing volunteered to help the National Guard Bureau validate and rewrite Air Force Instruction essential to the financial management career field.  

When the National Guard Bureau sent out a request to the financial management community asking for subject matter experts to assist with a regulation update, Master Sgt. Morgan McCoy, a financial management superintendent, and Master Sgt. Clint Ferringer, a financial service supervisor, volunteered to help.  

“When the regional chief asked for expertise, we picked an area we had extensive knowledge and background in,” said McCoy.  

“It was pretty cool that the request came down to our level, and NGB asked for our input,” said Ferringer.  

McCoy and Ferringer were assigned a specific section of instruction to review based on their experience. They were in charge of basic allowance for subsistence, which provides financial assistance to offset costs for military member’s meals. 

“Ensuring this regulation is correct is definitely important for effectiveness. We need to ensure entitlements are paid the way they are intended,” said Ferringer.  

Finance management has two different sections, budget and pay and entitlements. The budget office keeps the base functioning and the mission continuing while pay and entitlements is money going directly to military members. Basic allowance for subsistence is a part of pay and entitlements. 

“Members getting their pay and entitlements on time takes the burden off of them while they are focusing on their essential functions to complete the mission,” said Ferringer.  

McCoy and Ferringer were responsible for validating and updating the regulation with any necessary changes. While they were in charge of the specific chapter assigned to them, they were not alone in the validation process.  

“It was truly a collaborative effort,” said McCoy. “We established timelines with other units, submitted our work for feedback, and gave monthly status updates.” 

The finance career field is a core function of the Air Force and ensures funds are available for equipment, supplies and services Airmen need, making this regulation review essential to protecting funding and helping Airmen continue success.  

“Our goal is to be a go-to flight for finance questions and provide field level support to NGB,” said McCoy. “That’s why we volunteered for this. We want to be the subject matter experts the Air Force needs.”