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“Practice Makes Perfect!”

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michaela Diallo
  • 171st Public Affairs
In order to make sure we are deployment ready for our Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI), it's imperative that unit members are able to be processed in a very efficient and timely manner.

"The point of the ORI is to prove that we are capable of deploying a large amount of people quickly and efficiently," says Tech. Sgt. Craiger.

The Force Support Squadron (FSS) has hosted two practice PDFs (Personnel Deployment Function) in recent months, in preparation for the unit's actual inspection which will take place in December. It is because of these practice exercises that FSS is able to notice and fix any issues or discrepancies that have come up before the actual inspection in December. The practice PDF helps to ensure that all members involved in the deployment process are very comfortable in their roles.

The PDF involves many different aspects but to sum it up, members of the FSS as well as Public Affairs, Medical, Legal and Chaplain's office perform the final check to make sure all deploying members have everything needed for deployment.

Sitting on the deployment processing line sometimes evokes a certain amount of droning from those involved. It can be long and rather monotonous but as always 171st members find a way to make even the dullest of duties become enjoyable. With a positive attitude and attention to detail, the process tends to go quickly and smoothly. Practicing for the ORI helps to ensure when the actual inspection arrives in December everyone involved knows what to expect and how to do their job well. All members involved can feel comfortable in knowing that practice makes perfect!

Senior Master Sgt. Mcbane said it best "We practice how we play!" and we play to win.