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Master Sgt. Duganieri exceeds expectations - focuses on prevention

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Judith McGrath
  • 171st Occupational Safety and Health Manager
Master Sgt. Mike Duganieri's self-motivated and steadfast contributions in safety and mishap prevention in the Maintenance Group are significantly beyond his expected performance of duty. Since May 2008, he has personally conducted Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) training within the Maintenance Group, affecting mishap prevention through education for more than 300 aircraft maintenance personnel. This program focuses on maintenance practices and safety awareness as a means to prevent mishaps from occurring. Since the inception of the MRM program, injuries have decreased significantly.

Recently, after attending one of his presentations, the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics asked if Duganieri could present the MRM process to the student body. His latest endeavor of increasing his MRM qualification to a Level Two instructor enables him to conduct training for future MRM instructors.

In his determined efforts to maximize opportunities and safety education, he coordinated a Safety Down Day presentation by a regional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Maintenance Inspector. Master Sgt. Duganieri fostered the contact with the FAA inspector and continues to provide significant industry-wide maintenance trends and practices to the Maintenance Group as a result of this relationship. Last year he served as an invaluable maintenance technical representative to the ground safety office during an incident investigation. His insight and constructive input were instrumental in identifying causal factors and recommendations related to the incident. In December 2011, he initiated and published the first edition of the Steel Maintainer, a monthly periodical dedicated to maintenance compliance, trends, and operational safety tips.

He is currently embarking on another avenue of mishap prevention awareness and has gained approval for a video that addresses mishap prevention by illustrating cause and effect of seemingly innocuous acts and also raising the awareness of latent defects that could lead to a mishap. It is the continual safety and mishap prevention efforts of Sergeant Duganieri that lead the way and promotes a positive safety culture that sustains the laudable ground and flight safety record of the 171st Air Refueling Wing.