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Family Readiness

Mission - The mission of the Family Readiness Coordinator is to support the 171st Air National Guard family in its understanding of the Air National Guard. This responsibility is coordinated through:
  • the development of unit Family Readiness Groups..
  • the evaluation of family needs within the 171st Air Refueling Wing, Pennsylvania National Guard.
  • serving as the conduit between the National Guard Bureau, the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, the Pennsylvania National Guard Members and the families of Pennsylvania National Guard Members. 
Vision - The Family Readiness Coordinator realizes that an informed family member is a supportive family member. Often, family members are unaware of the unit mission, their benefits and entitlements, the military pay system, and their role upon mobilization. The Family Readiness Coordinator can now communicate directly to Guard families concerning important military family issues.

The Family Readiness Coordinator is a full-time position, whose job is to maintain regular contact with The Wing Commander, Squadron Commanders, and the families of the mobilized individual. The Family Readiness Coordinator maintains a constant interaction between them and the State Family Program Coordinator, who assists in creating a strong supportive family network throughout the Pennsylvania National Guard.

  • To develop a family support network in which unit families mutually support each other and other Family Support Groups in their command and geographic area.
  • To provide a communication network between the unit and family members, and among family members.
  • To improve family awareness of the unit, its missions and activities.
  • To prepare families in the event of a mobilization.
  • Assist in providing outreach and information to unit family members in the event of a deployment.
  • To provide a structure whereby the unit can become fully involved as a community partner in environmental, youth and family issues.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to Units and Communities of Excellence, and the development of policy recommendations for submission to the Family Council through the Area Advisory Committee.